What We Offer in House


Based on your technical sheet and measurement chart we make your pattern and grading in the factory. If you are not able to provide the same, we can also make it based on a garment or a photo. If you wish you can also send us your pattern.


Cutting, Stitching, Quality Control and Finishing are done in house.

What We Offer Through Our Partners


From your fabric swatch or count & construction, we outsource the fabric development and weaving from weaver all over India. We have a supplier that can provide:

Woven : Cotton, Linen, Modal, Viscose, Denim, Velvet, Polyester, and Silk, etc.

Weave: Cotton from 8’s to 100’s count’s Mill made.

 Knits: Jersey, Rib, Piquet, Interlock, Honey Comb, etc.

There are also some innovating fabric-based out of Eucalyptus Fiber, Aloe Vera Fiber, Corn Fiber, Milk Fiber, Bamboo Fiber, Banana Fiber, Soy Fiber, Rose Fiber, Organic Cotton Recycled Polyester or Recycle Cotton Fabric.


We can dye to Pantone Number or fabric swatch on fabric or overdyed on garment. We only use AZO free dyes.

Washing can be done on fabric or finished garment to soften the texture (silicon wash, bio wash…) or to give an effect like (sandwash, stone wash, acid wash..)


We can offer several printing methods. All of them have their plus/minus side Depending on the design, the number of colors, the size or meter quantity we will orient with one or the others.


Is made out of wooden engraved block. The fabric is put one a table and the artisan move the block. We need to develop a block for each color. One color One Block.

Time > Slow

Mistake Margin > High, Look is artisanal

Inconvenient > This method is used in the village. The artisans take their time. Not possible to get large quantity. The clients need to have a tolerance degree with small stains or color variations between lot to lot. It’s an artisanal look, which also give the charm.

Development charge > Making of each block (which can be use several time)


The system fabric is “stick” one a table and the artisan moves manually the screen on the table length. We need to develop a screen for each color. One colors One Block.

Time > Average

Mistake Margin > Acceptable

Inconvenient > The screen connection is not always perfect (depending on which design). The outside meteo to be good (no rain)

Development charge > Making of each screen (which can be use for few months)


Same method as the screen-printing expect the fabric move in the machine (instead of having a man labor who moves the screen) Flat bed is a mix between Screen Print and Rotary Print

Time > Faster than screen printing

Mistake Margin > Better than screen printing

Inconvenient > It’s more expensive than the screen-printing. The fabric quantity needs to be sufficient to move inside the machine from one end to the other end.

Development charge > Making of each screen (which can be use for few months)


The fabric move in the machine, the cylinder rolls on them self. Each cylinder represent one color

Time > Fast

Mistake Margin > Zero

Inconvenient > The cylinder cost are expensive. The fabric quantity needs to be sufficient to move inside the machine from one end to the other end.


Development charge > Making of each cylinder (which can be use for few years)


The method is the same as paper printer. The fabric slide into the printer and all colors get printed at the same time. Two big advantages: one it’s very fast and two that there are no development charges. It’s possibility of printing only one meter. There are no colors restriction.

Time > Very Fast

Mistake Margin > Zero

Inconvenient > The cost per meter is expensive.

Development charge > Zero


We can offer MACHINE embroidery or HAND embroidery.


When goods are ready (sample or production) we can also take care of the delivery. We hold an account at FEDEX & DHL. Depending on the shipment size we can offer you spot rates. On the delivery day, you may have to pay your country custom and VAT directly to FEDEX or DHL.


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